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Can our civilization grow and prosper with our limited resources being depleted? Will our children have enough clean air, water and land to live with? The answer is simple: the world would be jammed with abandoned"useless" materials instead of trees without the complete recycling loop. Currently, the United States is No.1 developed country and waste maker in the world. In 2000, Americans produced around 200 million tons* of municipal solid waste, an amount sufficient to cover an area of 600 square miles 10 feet deep in trash, and the amount is increasing continuously. Scrap processing and recycling contribute significantly to a better environment and a brighter future. The United States is recycling approximately 11 percent of its discards, incinerating 13 percent of them for energy recovery, and disposing of the remainder in landfills.* Researchers, including the EPA, agree that 25 percent of municipal solid waste can be realistically recycled. In the rest of the world,especially the developing countries, the percentage of waste reusing is much lower. In China, the domestic recovery rate for papers is only 33%, well below the global average of 45%.**

In addition to giving the next generation a livable planet, recycling conserves natural resources around the globe. Experts agree that recycling can reduce the amount of solid waste by 25% and saving up to 95% of energy costs.* Compared to producing a ton of paper from virgin wood pulp, recycled paper uses half the energy and half the water, results in 74 percent less air pollution and 35 percent less water pollution. Commercial recycled materials include paper, aluminum, iron & steel , copper, lead, Zinc, plastic and glass. The following table notes typical energy savings achieved from recycling common scrap materials compared with virgin material use.

Recycled Materials
Energy Savings
Iron and Steel


Recycling must have a future, in the United States and throughout the world. We can not afford, then, not to recycle. It's where tomorrow begins, where Ocean Capital Inc. (OCI) begins. Ocean Capital Inc. (OCI) provides complete services and products for the scrap processing, recycling industry. To get more information about Ocean Capital Inc.(OCI), refer to About us.




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